Donning the Backpack

Hoam Kiem Lake 1“People are in constant motion, never stationary. No one knows what will happen next.”
– Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (Murakami Haruki)

みんなさんこんにちは!久しぶりですね。怠け者になってしまったので、昨年からさっぱり書きませんでした。しかし生活のことを伝えるのが懐かしくて、もう一回ブロッゴに記事をアップロードしたいと思います。今年私は去年の同様に亜州を巡る時ブロッゴを書いて、自分の経験を語りたいです。今度日本語での表現能力レベルをアップさせる為に日記らしいの記事を書きません。その代わり日々に写真をアップロードするつもりです。 今日の写真は去年のビエトナム旅行で撮られました。ハノイのホアムキエム池という所です。暖かい秋の夕方で友達と旧市街を歩き回りました。池に着く途端、沈んでいた日の光は池を当てました。突然水はまるで金のようでした。素晴らしかったです。

My my my, 12 months comes around fast. Did you miss me reader? I missed you. So much that I just had to wave away this awful lethargic fog that’s been hanging around me and get back to plying you with anecdotes from my humdrum life. Got yourself a cuppa tea? Good, you’re going to need it to stay awake.

It’s 24th of July and following the completion of my 3rd year at university (no, I still haven’t graduated), I am once again packing my 15 kilos for 7 months exploring deepest, darkest Asia- There’s just no keeping me away!Following the most ludicrous journey from Birmingham to Shanghai, which passes through Madrid, Amsterdam and Osaka, I plan to cut a great swathe through the belly of the Middle Kingdom. Passing through several provinces in east and southern China, before flying south to Bangkok and the Mekong region. From there on out planning gets hazy, but I will be flying back to Japan in late September to start my semester abroad at Osaka University. So plenty of new adventures there!

Fingers crossed, I’d like the blog to evolve from what it was in previous years, aka a parroting of how many Buddhas I’ve counted since my last entry. Instead, I’ll be uploading a ‘photo of the day’, a snapshot of whatever has pulled my focus and pushed me to the keyboard. With regards to this entry I’ve decided on one of my favourite photos from last years trip, which I took at Hoam Kiem Lake in Hanoi. What I particularly live about this photo was the setting in which it was taken. A warm autumn evening in the capital, we arrived just as the last rays were busting out from behind the colonial french facades, sending shockwaves through the lake and turning the water into liquid gold (hashtag no filter). Despite the number of people that were out on that evening the water seemed to absorb all background noise and what you were left with was a silent street scene in enhanced sepia. Stunning.

So, here we are again, on the precipice of another epic journey through unknown territories. Come take the leap with me and I’ll see you on the other side.

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