“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
-David Mamet, Boston Marriage

Mamet was definitely on the right track when he uttered these wise, wise words. Case in point: last weeks MadrEAT street food festival. Trailer after trailer offering treats from all over Spain and beyond. Accompanied by fellow fatties, Megan and Tapana, I went down to Santiago Bernabeu looking forward to hours of prolonged snacking and was by no means disappointed.
Now if by street food you are expecting a traffic jam of South East Asian-esque kiosks and rainbow of tiny, plastic stools then the festival may come as a bit of a shock to the system. MadrEAT has gone in the same direction as most foreign food cultures do in the West: a meeting point where swarms of yuppies can make impossibly pretentious babies whilst ceremoniously critiquing the texture of their Chilean Empanada. That being said I am a fan of both hipsters and this monthly ritual of pure gluttony that they have brought to Madrid. Together the three of us managed to eat our way through India, Venezuela, Chile and at least half the comunidades autónomas before washing it all down with a bottle of Asturian cider- cheers to Megan for pouring, and in doing so earning the respect of the locals #aquinohayguiris.
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